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Toreros Volleyball Academy

Tryout & Evaluations for Season 2021/2022 in September for Girls 


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Boys Tryouts and Evaluations 


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm 

Competitive Club Pre-Season 2021/2022 =

For Girls and Boys with Club and Volleyball Experience.

Girls and Boys that have played competitive at club level.

This program is design to continue to teach making them better volleyball players, working on skills, system, agility, speed, endurance and more...all combine with physical, weight and track practices club players will be on their best shape to take on the next club volleyball season that starts in October. 

Development Program = 

This program is for girls and boys that never played and want to learn volleyball.

Evaluations for development

For Girls & Boys Ages 11 - 15 


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

For tryouts and new players evaluations please make sure you have all forms and documents before tryout. All are mandatory:

1. Toreros Covid Waiver 

2. Toreros Registrations Forms 

3. Copy of Birth Certificate 

4. Copy of Parent Picture ID 

5. Liability Form

Forms are available to print here on our website - and all are mandatory for tryout evaluation. 

Placement and tryout fee $50.00 (exact cash only) 

*placement and Tryout are a one day event

*no checks or credit cards

*parents are not allowed at practices or tryout evaluations

*hablamos Espanol 

Pedro & Belinda Davila

Toreros Volleyball Academy 

Directors & Coaches


Toreros Ladies 17U

Third in Gold @ AAU Vero Beach Grand Prix 2021 

Love Our Girls 

2021 AAU Regional New Orleans

Ladies 17's

Finished 11th at the New Orleans AA Regional 2021 -

Lost only 2 matches that moved us out of Gold bracket. Still proud and amazing job. 

3rd Place In The Nation - Gold National Winners - AAU Girls Junior National Volleyball Championship 2020

First in Silver Bracket - AAU Boys Junior National Volleyball Championship 2020

Toreros Ladies 17U - 2021

Toreros Challenge Cup - Champions

AAU Chill Blast - Runner Up Gold Bracket 

Pepsi Challenge - Champions 

City of  Palms Volleyball Smash Grand Prix - Champions 

AAU Pepsi Challenge Champions - 2021
FIVA - AAU Volleyball Challenge Cup 2021

2020 - AAU Super Regional Champions 18U Lady Toreros

2020 - AAU Super Region Champions

FIVA - AAU Challenge Cup 2021

Toreros Boys Winter Season 2019 - 2020

Toreros Boys 18U Winter Season 2019/2020

Carlos Adrian Mercado

Carlos Adrian Mercado - Torero, Tormenta & PR


Toreros Boys 16U and 14U & Central Florida Real Boys League Dominated the 2021 Boys Development League #torerosproud

Boys Club 2021

Open Tryout All Month of August & September

Ages 16 younger only 

@ Celebration High School

Fee: $60.00 - Cash Only 

Forms: AAU & Covid Waiver both available on these website

AAU, Covid Release and Tryout Fee all need to be completed before tryout


Dear Parents & Players, 

As CDC regulations are rapidly changing we are keeping up as we all want and need to go back to normalcy. That being said please understand that AAU, USAV and private clubs regulations might and most likely will be different. Private events and facilities can require the use of masks and we absolutely have to follow, if not you will be escorted out. Please understand that because the CDC, countuy, state or governor suggests lifting s of mask. private events and venues work with different rules and they reserved the right of admissions.  Is simple, let's follow rules as they are made to be followed. 


Como las regulaciones de los CDC están cambiando rápidamente, nosotros nos mantenemos al día como todos queremos y necesitamos volver a la normalidad. Dicho esto, comprenda que las regulaciones de la AAU, la USAV y los clubes privados podrían y probablemente serán diferentes. Los eventos e instalaciones privadas pueden requerir el uso de máscaras y tenemos que seguirlo, de lo contrario, será escoltado afuera del evento. Por favor, comprenda que porque el CDC, el condado, el estado o el gobernador sugieren que se levante el uso de las máscaras. Los eventos y lugares privados funcionan con diferentes reglas y se reservaron el derecho de admisión. Es simple, sigamos las reglas ya que están hechas para ser seguidas.


Choosing Safer Activities

Friends and family grilling outside

  • If you are fully vaccinated, you can resume activities that you did prior to the pandemic.
  • Fully vaccinated people can resume activities without wearing a mask or physically distancing themselves, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal, or territorial laws, rules, and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance.
  • If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, find a vaccine.

Safer Activities

We are keeping the use of masks for all events. Indoor events where lots of people might not be vaccinated are still a risk for our athletes and families. Parents are not allowed at any practice. Players and coaches will need to wear a mask for coming inside the gym and when leaving the gym. While and only while warming up and while at practice players will be allowed to keep their mask off. This will be voluntary. 

All Toreros Coaches are fully vaccinated and they will also at practices have their mask off. 

For tournaments players not warming up or playing must have their mask on at all times and coaches need to wear their mask at all times with no exceptions, same for all parents and spectators. 

At Toreros Volleyball Academy we highly encourage everyone to be vaccinated, if you don't do it for yourself, please do it for others. 


Mantenemos el uso de máscaras para todos los eventos. Los eventos bajo techo donde muchas personas podrían no estar vacunadas siguen siendo un riesgo para nuestros atletas y familias. Los padres no pueden participar en ninguna práctica. Los jugadores y entrenadores deberán usar una máscara para entrar y salir del gimnasio. Durante y solo durante el calentamiento y durante la práctica, los jugadores podrán quitarse la máscara. Esto será voluntario.

Todos los entrenadores de Toreros están completamente vacunados y también en los entrenamientos se quitarán la máscara si así lo quieren. 

Para los torneos, los jugadores que no estén calentando o jugando tienen que tener su máscara puesta en todo momento y los entrenadores deben usar su máscara en todo momento sin excepciones, lo mismo para todos los padres y espectadores.

En la Academia de Voleibol Toreros, animamos a todos a que se vacunen, si no lo hacen por sí mismo, háganlo por los demás.


Thank you - Gracias


Toreros Volleyball Academy 


VOLLEYBALL Pre-Season and Development Starts in July 2021

More information coming soon for girls and boys ages 17U...

Orange Belt Conference - Evaisabel 1st Team & Linda 2nd Team

Toreros Ladies 15U

AAU Chill Blast - Runner Up

City of Palms Volleyball Smash Grand Prix - 3rd Place 

Toreros Challenge Cup - 1st Place 

AAU Pepsi Challenge Runner Up Champions 2021

AAU Chill Blast Runner Up Champions - 2021

Private Lessons Individual

Private Lessons Available 

Call today and make your reservation 

Watch the Interview

Toreros Quarantine Senior Class 2020

Toreros Quarantine Senior Class 2020

Private Lessons Available - Call Today To Book Yours

2020 Toreros Collegiate Athletes

Kenneth, Alejandro, Christopher - Toreros & Tormenta

Yelika Hernandez - Torero, TS & Tormenta

Toreros 17|18U Second in the Region - Silver Champions

Boys Last Summer Club Tryout - May 28th

Toreros Quarantine Seniors 2020

Toreros Quarantine Senior Class 2020

Committed Toreros for 2021/2022

Katie Lake Sumter State College 



Committed Toreros  2021/2022

Diego Betancourt 

Bluefield College 

Toreros Girls 13U

AAU WPVC Rumble 




First Place @ Apogee AAU Tournament 2021

Toreros Girls 13U

3rd Place at the Pepsi Challenge 2/7/2021

The Big House - Tavares FL

3rd Place @ AAU Pepsi Challenge 2021

Toreros Boys Tryouts in September for Fall 2021

AAU Chili Blast Second Runner Up Champions 2021

AAU Chili Blast Second Runner Up Champions 2021

Andre Rachid - Torero & PR

Contact Us!

Belinda Davila

Toreros Volleyball Academy

Phone: (407) 285-0710

Toreros Volleyball Academy

At Toreros Volleyball Academy we carefully use volleyball as a formative vehicle searching both for the best athlete and citizen in each of the prospective players. By teaching them volleyball fundamentals and skills they will learn the importance of values and the practical uses of these in life.

For us winning is important, but how that victory is achieved is the real value of winning and adds to the award.

2019 AAU International Bronze Champions

Toreros Boys 17 | 18U 

AAU Volleyball Boys' Jr. National Champions 2018

Toreros Boys' 17U - AAU National Champions 2018 GOLD #torerosproud

AAU Volleyball Jr. Boys' National Champisohip Silver Winners

Toreros 16U Winners of the Silver Bracket 5th in the Nation. #torerosproud

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Proud Sponsor of Toreros Volleyball Academy 

"We are a member club of the Florida Region of USA Volleyball.  As a player you may stop any unwanted contact from a club representative by simply asking (either verbally or in writing) that all contact cease.  Any player believing a club representative of any Florida Region Volleyball club has been intimidating, harassing, or acted inappropriately in any manner of contact or recruiting should contact the Florida Region office at (352) 742-0080."